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At EDUdigital we aim to offer our customers the most flexible, innovative and safe eLearning solutions, and for that we rely on exclusive partnerships. Whatever your need, we have the solution.

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  1. Analyses and Proposal

    We listen and analyse the customer's needs in order to develop an appropriate solution in regard to the proposal.

  2. Planning and Design

    We propose a planning and design with the most appropriate solutions, balanced budget, quality segmentation and delivery dates.

  3. Production and Development

    In the process of production and development of the services/products we are in constant connection with the customer. In this stage all technological, multimedia and pedagogical elements come together and the result is feasable and quality output.

  4. Implementation and Installation

    We provide technical and pedagogical support. In addiction we test and follow the customer's implementation process of the project.

  5. Evaluation and Testing

    Evaluation of the final project through interaction with the customer and its users, which may result in amendments and improvements.

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Products and Services