A web conference system for online learning
BigBlueButton is a web conference system for online teaching that allows you to do videoconferencing and offers the main interactivity resources necessary for a productive and quality remote dialogue. It is also possible to integrate the software on the Moodle or Totara learning platforms.
From teachers
to teachers

An open-source tool, created by and for teachers, thought to improve the remote teaching experience. Available in 65 languages ​​and constantly updated and improved by companies and developers worldwide.

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In real time

Sharing audio, video and screen in real time, with the possibility to record the lessons for later sharing with the students.

File sharing

It is possible to quickly share documents in various formats, such as images, PDF, PowerPoint, Word and Excel.

Integration with LMS

Possible to integrate with the LMS Moodle and Totara platforms, which in turn dispenses with the installation of any additional plugin or software.

Collaborative tools

Rest rooms, notes and the collaborative whiteboard allow shared learning among students. The questionnaire encourages student participation, and the "raised hand" helps to organize participation in the sessions.

Em tempo real

Partilha de áudio, vídeo e ecrã em tempo real, com possibilidade de gravar as aulas para mais tarde partilhar com os alunos.

Partilha de ficheiros

É possível a partilha rápida de documentos em vários formatos, tais como imagens, PDF, PowerPoint, Word e Excel.

Integração com LMS

Possível de integrar com as plataformas LMS Moodle e Totara, que por sua vez dispensa a instalação de qualquer plugin ou software adicional.

Ferramentas colaborativas

As salas de descanso, as notas e o quadro branco colaborativo permitem a aprendizagem partilhada entre os alunos. O questionário encoraja a participação de estudantes, e a "mão levantada" ajuda a uma participação organizada nas sessões.


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